latex lushes, friends and foes

fetish freaks at their worst/best

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welcome to fetish drama!
it's not really about the drama.
it's about the drunks.
sure we like to go out and sometimes there are even cameras present.

this first began as a yahoo group where we could dish the dirt about our closest friends. but then it changed to more of a 'who did what and how much they drank' type of thing. Anyways, we're not here to glorify binge drinking or anything like that, we just happen to enjoy it as well as going out and being with our friends in various parts of the world.

post pix of yourself at events or any place else looking your most sloshed! - ok you dont have to be drunk really - just fun candid pics.

so simply stated, this community is about posting pics and talkin about fun stuffs. And yes, making fun of ourselves too!