bluknight needs your help!

I need your help to decorate my house. I'm looking for event flyers or
posters -- especially those for fetish events, fetish-related twists, or
fetish-related imagery -- especially latex. What I'm working on doing
is creating a "Wall-o-Flyers" like you'd see at your favorite corner
bar, advertising upcoming concerts and events... And, since I want this
to reflect my interests, that should explain the fetish bent. :P Any
size welcome. Any country welcome (I love getting mail from other

I'll provide self-addressed, stamped envelopes (or equivalent
International Reply Coupons, or even paypal you funds) for postage and
mailing. All you need to do is collect the flyers (from your favorite
fetish emporium, bar, club, etc.) and get them in the mail to me.
Please use my contact information in my LJ userinfo to contact me on
getting this set up, if you want to help.

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Also, if you're interested in seeing what other decorations I'm doing,
keep an eye on my personal livejournal bluknight -- I'm
putting up prints of pictures, models, and ideas that catch my eye.

Cross-posted all over the place, including bluknight, fetishparty, fetishdrama, latexcrafters, latexlovers, and a whole bunch of
other places. My apologies if this is off-topic in some places, but I
wanted to get distribution far and wide. Feel free to repost (or link
to the entry in my journal) if you want. Mods: If you feel this is too
off-topic and want the entry to be deleted from your community, please
comment and I will do so.
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Professional Digital Printer

A friend of a friend recommended to me that I try a company called "Mpic" online. I haven't been able to find that company. I was wondering if anyone had a professional printer to recommend for printing digital pictures. Since I do some artistic nudes I want to be sure that any photos I send to the printer won't end up on any websites, other then my own, of course. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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I stumbled into this online and just had to post it...

Well, folks you know "you've made" it when you're turned into a cartoon!

That said, our beloved "Miss Conduct" has made it. (smile)