Mistress Persephone (mspersephone) wrote in fetishdrama,
Mistress Persephone

More Auctions! Super Sexy Footwear No Reserve!

First of all, thanks to everyone who bid on my last batch of auctions. I have my friend listing more all the time, until everything goes. The last batch was mostly clothes.

I have so many shoes, more than I could ever wear in a lifetime and I keep buying more.

I have gone through my things and sorted out what I want to keep and what I am paring down to make room for other things. Some have never even been worn! Some are vintage 80s (as in I myself bought them in the 80s) and have been worn and loved. Others are vintage 50s and 60s that are either too small or too big (but I had to have them because I am a shoe addict).

Please help me clear out my basement! I have started the listings very cheap because I am not looking to profit, just to make space. Anything that doesn't sell will be donated to Goodwill so this is your chance to get cute stuff cheap!

Shoes starting at $4.99!!!!

Womens Michael Antonis Black Leather Gladiator Pumps NR

Womens Vintage Rush Hour Snake Shoes Kitten Heel Fetish

Womens Vintage Red Suede 60s Booties Like New Fetish

Womens Black Patent&Zebra Fur Pumps Shoes Metal Heels

Womens Vintage 80s Shoes Suede & Patent Mary Janes

Womens Vintage 50s Sling Back Sandal Marilyn Monroe NR

Womens Lady Elizabeth Red Patent Pumps New Old Stock NR

Womens Vintage 50s Platform Slides Wooden Heels Shoes

Womens Retro 80s Red Patent Leather Wedges NOS Shoes

Womens Vintage 60s Go-Go Boots w/Brass Buckle Fetish NR

More clothing and shoe auctions to come!

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